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  3. Monday, 03 August 2020
on the site http://sportunion.lautundluisa.at/rg/das-sind-wir .. we have 4 sections with headerlines.
The first upper both are ok, the headerline-text is full visible on top of the module with 50% overlapping.
But on the lower both sections, we dont get the headerline-text on top, to be full visible, half lower part is still behind the overlapping module.
We tried already several options with z-Index (plus/minus, in custom css field and in advanced tab custom position Addon CSS Z-index), without success.
Please could you help us?
Thank you!
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Hi. In the code is not visible, that you have used z-index.


If you do so, everything works


And this can be seen in the code.

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Great, thank you very much, Pavel, it works!! Sorry i dont know what i did wrong before.
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