1. Yamas
  2. Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Hello, i tried to install the 'Yamas Quickstart'. However, i always get a 'Congratulations! Joomla installation is complete.' screen, asking me to delete the 'Installation' folder. But i never get a chance to set up the database and so on. Is there something wrong within the 'Installation' folder or my procedure? Thank you in advance...

I tried to do an installation vi the 'Strato App Wizard' and via simple and clean ftp-transfer as well. Both had the same result.

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maybe you have old "configuration.php" file in your root folder.
If yes, please delete it (!) and try again.

QS is fully OK, nobody before you had this problem.
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  2. Yamas
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Hello, there was a "configuration.php" in the folder for some reason. I deleted it and got everything working fine now. Thanks for your advice!
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  2. Yamas
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"configuration.php" wasn't from our quickstart, I checked. So probably it was from your past Joomla tests. It's a common mistake, nothing to shame, easy to miss that file.
You're welcome, have a wonderful (Joomla) day.
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I guess you want to build website about Tai Chi, it would be nice if after hard work you'd share finished URL here

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