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  2. Wednesday, 17 July 2019
The site menus are not pointing to the correct SP Pagebuilder pages. A 404 is delivered. I can't seem to have the right pages stick to the menus. Everything was working fine for months.

Site: http://www.n2-gs.com/
Menu choice "N2 Founders": http://www.n2-gs.com/index.php/products/our-team.html
The SP Pagebuilder Preview for that menu: http://www.n2-gs.com/index.php/products/founders

The Menu has the right link: index.php?option=com_sppagebuilder&view=page&id=3
But that is not what shows up. This link shows up (which is non-existent): http://www.n2-gs.com/index.php/products/our-team.html

This is only the home page menu. Once off the home page menu on the correct page, the menus work correctly.

Any ideas?

Accepted Answer
Thanks for your query. I think something is wrong with your .htaccess file. Please disable the SEF Urls http://prntscr.com/oh4fi9
You can also assign new menu-items and check if it's working or not.

-Best Regards
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Thank you. When the host updated the Plesk software it renamed the .htaccess file htaccess.text and added an index.html file. Once I deleted the index file and changed the name of the htaccess file everything worked.
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You are always welcome.
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