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  2. Monday, 23 March 2020
I am trying to change the preset in my template, but all the colours are not what I choose.
attached screenshot.
How can I solve?
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You can use custom CSS for this.
Would you please share which template you are using? If it's simply the helix-ultimate then please make sure you've enabled this http://prntscr.com/nur7d6
Also, make sure you've cleared all caches from Joomla and browsers and finally make sure you did not use any inline CSS in layout builders http://prntscr.com/nuspvw

And if you are using any of our one-click installer templates then you need to know that one-click installer template doesn't include any preset. Since all the pages are created with a page builder that's why you can change that css only using the page builder.
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Could you please share your site URL? It would be better for me to solve this issue
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