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Hi ,

I use the helix ultimate framework and disabled all font loading via the panel in the backend.
Instead I created woff and woff2 files and put them in the css folder.
I also created the code to call them on the frontend.

This works fine but only in safari on a mac this is not visible.
Any idea how this can be?
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In Helix Ultimate Manual > Faq - there is my guide how to use custom fonts.

According to stats, above 94% of browsers support the WOFF (1.0) format, Safari is one of them.


WOFF 2.0 is supported only partially by Safari > https://caniuse.com/#search=woff
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Make simple webmaster test.
Create a test.html and put there all your custom codes, fonts.. etc...
and play with it, as long you will find the answer why it doesn't work.
I cannot help more, because it's beyond support.
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Thanks for your answer. I will check it out and meanwhile use another font. Thanks.
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