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  2. Wednesday, 12 August 2020
I cannot understand the meaning of the links for update I am receiving on my Joomla backened.
The last years I am receiving messages from the system for updates, the links of which are of no use. None link can update anything. Why are you doing this?
What is the use of an xml since is not doing any update?
I think is time to reconsider this your method and offer real help to your customers. I am not going to spend my time for searching for each one of the updates and do a manual download and upload. None of your competitors is troubling their customers this way.
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really sorry, I will ask to check & correct this, this issue wasn't planned.
2nd and 4rd, 5th link seem to be OK, using a link from it you can download Helix Ultimate, Helix3 template and plugin.
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In the meantime just update manually in Joomla, and clear update cache inside Joomla, as well.
Maybe this is the main reason of problems.
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