1. SP Page Builder 1.x (not supported version)
  2. Wednesday, 11 March 2015
hi there,

ive installed & tested your free version, but now ive purchased a licence.

it seems theres no new version to download, but the Licence Key needs to be added somewhere ?

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Nope. No license key is required. Simply login... navigate to PageBuilder in main menu. Hence the download name/version and button has changed ;) Click to download ;)
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thanx, that worked
I purchased a licence and it is still requesting a key and license if I try to add a section.

Insert your Email Address and License Key without space (if you using copy and paste method)
Then clear your joomla cache.

I looked all over Joomla Administration and did not find anywhere to enter the SP page builder license key.
There is no options button like this in SP Page builder.
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No options, and it will not let me add section. I have looked everywhere.
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Here is your answer. [*] Open Joomla back in admin. Go to system > global configuration.
Then under the list of options on the left side and track down to near the bottom and find sp page builder.
Highlight that to bring up a screen with 3 tabs.
License and update is the second tab.
Just enter you email and the license key.

Was really hard to find!

I attached a screen shot of it if you can see it.
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Thanks Rick!
Thanks Rick!
You are Welcome. I know it ended up simple but sort of hard to figure out everything ad lib is it not. Lots of joomla books but only the things included clearly documentation found as a reference. Normally I get a good book and study it cover to cover. I love sp page builder but not convinced that the documentation is complete enough in many areas.
But about license key - info is included in two areas (How to... and FAQ)
There is no 2nd tab for me to enter the Licence key
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Please ignore my message, I found I had to install the pro version :-)
yes, this field is ONLY in the PRO version

Read product documentation next time, thanks
Hello , i have also problems to insert the license key and email i find the option where i have to put it in but there is no field under the menu license and update to insert. look at my screenshot. newest version 3.6.3 is installed please let me know what to do, to insert license key and email. thakns tim page builder version info.jpg pagebuilder license.jpg
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Can you check from diffrent browser?
i try it on firefox (newest version 70.0) and explorer, on both the same problem

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