1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Friday, 16 November 2018
i am using your module with the content source "K2" to show images. But i can't find a way, to translate the button "Load more ...". Could you give me a hint?
Best regards.
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But module "News Show SP2" doesn't have "Load more" phrase.
I found only

LINKS_MORE="Links more"

in language file.
Hello and thanks for your answer.
that was also my problem. As you can see herehere under the galery, there is a button with "Load more .." and i have no idea, how to translate it.
Best regards
As I told many times before , in some templates modules are overridden by template developers.

In our "raw" package of News Show SP2 module, I couldn't find any part of this code:

<a class="load_more_btn" href="#ns2-art-wrap94" data-nsspwalk="next">Load more ...</a>

please contact with template developer Kyle Ledbetter or actual seller.
OMG, you made my day. Thank you so much, that was the solution. I found it now. :)

Best regards.

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