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  2. Thursday, 20 September 2018
Hello. I downloaded the QuickStart package of MegaDeal II and installed it on my hosting.
Then I visited the page with the documentation for that template. There are pictures of Virtuemart template settings. And it looks like there is Helix 3 inside of the QuickStart.
But when I opened the shaper_megadeal template in my site, I found that there is Helix v 2.5.

How could it be?
Why is such difference between documentation and real QuickStart?
And is there a chance to upgrage the Helix to version Helix III ?

Screenshots are included.

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Accepted Answer
You should download II(2) from:

All is clear now?
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is fully OKAY.
On first screenshot you have document about Meagdeal II (2) , based on Helix3.
and on 2nd, you have installed Meagdeal (1) old product, based on Helix II
It's like Windows XP and Windows 8 -- name is this same, but different products.
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Thank you Paul for help. I was searching inconsiderately. So now it is all OK now.
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we all make mistakes ;)
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