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  2. Monday, 31 August 2020
SO using the Fanatic template.
I have loaded a picture to show what I am describing below.
The logo I have loaded is not sowing in helix. You can see on the left I have loaded a logo.
Same thing for the logo Slogan. What is type is not showing.
Also changed colour scheme has not updated in Helix. But is seen on the frontend.

Yes I have saved. The right logo can be seen on the front end.
I have cleared cache as well.
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Further information and behaviour of Helix I have noticed on this template.
I log in that the incorrect logo displays as well the colour bar above the header.
Also, the Logo Slogan is different.
I then move to another page and it mostly corrects e.g. the slogan
Going back to the original page and now it displays the correct logo and colours.

Is this a bug?
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