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Before I carry on with my site I just need to confirm if there will be any issues moving its location. I currently have my old website running on my domain i.e. mydomain.com and thus am using another location to design and test my new site i.e. http://mydomain.com/newsite2019. Is it going to be a problem when I move my site to my real domain mydomain.com? I am just worried about links not being correct etc. once it is moved.

If there is a better way to work on the new site on the actual domain while the existing site is still up please can someone help with how to do this. NOTE I am a real newbie at this!
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1) First, we are not a consultancy company, we sell templates & extensions. For kind of questions, you have the Official Joomla Forum.
2) The best way would be to use Akeeba backup to migrate the website from folder A to folder B,
but sometimes from cPanel you can do it in a few seconds - ask hosting support for help. You can call, write to them etc. you paid for this help already.

3) The only problem may be with links that were added by you manually with the old path. So you have to update them later.

I hope I gave you a few tips.
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Thanks so much for the info. I understand that you don't offer support on this but took a chance ;)
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I can help, but it won't be a free service. It's beyond support.
So ask your hosting support first.
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