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  2. Thursday, 11 October 2018
I purchased a new Optima template to update an original older Optima template on a Joomla site. The host updated the PHP version from 7.0 to 7.2. After forcing the SSL certificate, the site rendered error messages:

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in .../public_html/plugins/system/helix/core/classes/menu.php on line 289

Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in .../public_html/plugins/system/helix/core/helix.php on line 548

I turned off "Error Reporting" in the site's Global Configurations for short turn fix, but I need to repair the PHP errors.

Please advise asap.
Thank you!
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Optima is based on old helix II framework, so it can be a reason.
Please try below:

1) Download Helix II template ( https://www.joomshaper.com/joomla-templates/helix-ii )
2) Install it, it will update framework

But anyway, you should consider to use template based on Helix3 or Helix Ultimate, because with Joomla 4.0 there could be bigger problems.
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