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  2. Thursday, 07 November 2019
I am using the "home default" SPPB 3 Pro page that came installed with the Indigo Template. In that page (backend editing in SPPB) I want to (1) add a 4th slide, and (2) make it a background (bg) video that will auto-play. It is an mp4, 7 sec video, about 5MB size.

I go to Add Item (new slide), video background tab, and browse to the video folder ("Choose Your Video" button), and select my video, and upload and get an error (undefined). The video directory remains empty. Cannot upload it via your interface.

So I figure I will try to login to Cpanel and just upload the video to the correct video folder using File Manager, and then select it from within SPPB.

Problem: I cannot figure out WHICH folder the SPPB component is looking into for 'video' uploads. I do have a "video" directory in my Joomla Images directory, but that is something I put there myself, and there are 4 mp4 vids in there. And since those video files don't show up inside SPPB for me, I suspect SPPB is not browsing into that folder.

Can you tell me the directory path for the SPPB video uploads for the slideshow? Or why this should be so difficult.
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make it in a different way...
put the full path to that video with https inside video path field
All files uploaded today should be stored here /images/2019/11/08
Or this method #2
an upload video clip which has 500kb not 5MB but this same name as the final one,
then use FTP Tool and replace files
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