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  2. Thursday, 28 June 2012
Hi all,

I have some problem with this Module: Module mod_news_show_sp2

vmError: exeSortSearchListQuery Table 'uracingjoomla.ac2v5_virtuemart_categories_en_gb' doesn't exist
SQL=SELECT c.`virtuemart_category_id`, l.`category_description`, l.`category_name`, c.`ordering`, c.`published`,
cx.`category_child_id`, cx.`category_parent_id`, c.`shared` FROM `ac2v5_virtuemart_categories_en_gb` l JOIN `ac2v5_virtuemart_categories` AS c using (`virtuemart_category_id`) LEFT JOIN `ac2v5_
virtuemart_category_categories` AS cx ON l.`virtuemart_category_id` = cx.`category_child_id` WHERE cx.`
category_parent_id` = 0 ORDER BY
category_name ASC

Help please :)
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