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  2. Monday, 17 August 2020
I am new to this so I'm sure it is a learning experience issue!! I already have a website running on Ultimate Helix. I want to now switch to your template Innovation. I installed the template but none or the Page Builder templates are included. How do I add those so I can modify and use them since I can't install the "starter" kit over an existing template?

Thank you!!
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As may (not) know Joomla Template is just a template, it doesn't include demo content.
So to get Pages (from SPPB demo) you have to:
a) Create a subdomain
b) Install there Innovation quickstart
c) Export selected pages one by one, and import them inside your current website. I mean in the current website create a new, empty page page - and click Import > seach file > upload.

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  2. SP Page Builder 3.x
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Of course SP Page Builder Pro has to be installed first on both websites.
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