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  2. Wednesday, 20 August 2014
Hi there,
Can someone please tell me where or how to access the Contact Form on the Contact Us page in the Shaper Radon template?

I have looked in Modules, Articles, K2, Menu Manager and simply cannot find where I can go to edit the Contact Us page...

Help as soon as possible is greatly needed!
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Simply go to the Administrator > Components > Contacts > Contacts. Here you will get a 'contact us' item in the list. Now edit/ modify this whatever you want.

Are you able to provide a screenshot of this section - I have found it, but cannot understand where I am able to edit the form and it's layout - I am looking to edit the form in the attached screenshot....

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Thankyou for your help - I found that section, but was unable to tell how I could edit the form... I think I have it sorted now though so thanks very much again!! :)

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