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  2. Wednesday, 26 August 2020

I would like to show unique content to each user on my Joomla site. After logging in, each user would have access to a unique "dashboard" page that displays content that only that one individual user would have front end access to. The content that is displayed on that page would be managed by an admin via the back end. The unique content is embedded videos hosted on an Amazon S3 bucket. Approximately 10 unique videos would be displayed to each user. Is that possible with SP Page Builder?

Thanks in advance.
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With SPPB not so simple as you would like to...
But I see two ways:
Use Joomla ACL and for individual content use Article (also with SPPB mode if you need), Joomla allows you set assign access to selected users groups, so you need 10 new ones.
Install Advanced Module Manager, then use separate module for each user - published in this same template module position.
I don't tell it's the best way, but I am sure that it would work.
For more advanced purposes use: Membership Pro
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