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  2. Tuesday, 12 May 2020
Hello, i just start a project with unei template because of the integration with j2store, but notice there no styles or css or classes to include whe using product variable
In the attached screen you can saw how appear and an idea of how I want to look like
The original template its nice only if using only base price without variables
Here is a link to the preview of the project
Appreciate advice on that
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Is this unie quickstart pack? Did you follow and fulfill its technical requirements?
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Yes, quickstart pack, the website itself is working. What not work well is when add variant for prices as I show in the image. Seams that template come without styles for variants or at least positions for them

php 7.3.17
mysql 5.7.30
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It looks like this in my end
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Hi, thanks for that, but im referring to the product detail page what unei override the j2store add to cart button and price variant styles.
for example i cannot add quantity to the product. In most of cart add to cart come with a quantity agregator and here no. I try modify setup in j2store using the native button with code but not work
how can i solve that, as is part of template,
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I'm also using the Unei template and need to know why the quantity isn't showing. All settings are correct in J2store. The quantity should be shown on the product page.

Can you help us with the solution?
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