1. News Show SP2 (module, not addon!)
  2. Wednesday, 24 February 2016
Someone mentioned before about image quality of thumbnail problem. And you replied that it can not be changed or set manually.
Ok module is not advanced as we expected about thumbnail generation but i think it has to be logical.

Even in your demo pages all jpg images thumbnails generated with 99% quality.! In my local demo i m creating 400 px width thumbnail with news show sp2 module (original file size is 800px widht) and it's thumbnail size is bigger than original one! One of the main reason of creating thumbnail is getting smaller file size and serving them faster. It's even subject of seo! And subject of faster internet with minimize wasting of resources. So why do i bother to create thumbnail in this position. It s better to use original one and resize it with css!

If module creates thumbnail with same quality with source file. It can be acceptable. But in current position even if you upload optimized image you will get maximized file sized thumbnail! I think you really need to work on this thumbnail function.

And dont think this as a new feature of module. This is bug and need to be fixed.
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Thank you for reporting this. I will notify our developers about the issue so they can fix it

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