1. SP Tweet (Module)
  2. Thursday, 24 May 2018
Issue 1: the SSL problem when active the avatar
issue 2: in module configuration > layout style, not link to the twit (but if we activate the animation it works)
issue 3: not show images from the twits (I'm want something like this: check the SS from ideal-twitter-feed.png image in attachments)
issue 4: not paginations offered if we want to show the twits by "x", I mean if we have 200+ twits and we want to show all in pagination of 20 twits per page, we can't. Here we have only an option to choose from 4 (minimum) to 200 (maximum)
issue 5: the option new window doesn't work, al the time open the links in same windows.
issue 6: the texts from the options: Tweet time, Tweet source and Follow link, not respect the default language of the site. Always show it in english.

link to the online module: https://coroconegliano.lion-creative.com/it/eventi-e-news-coro-conegliano.html

At the moment is an unuseful module for me.

Are you doing to fix all this issues? or I have to look another module from other company?

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No changes are planned in next days or weeks.
So yes, sorry but you have to find different module. Hopefully for you it's easy to find replacement.
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Ok, thanks for the answer....
Well I found this "SDG Twitter Feeds" module, just if somebody else have the same problem like me, or until your team decide to improve better the module.
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Has this been fixed yet please? I really want to use SP Tweet instead of SDG Twitter Feeds, but not while it still breaks my SSL on Edge & Firefox :(
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There are few others twitter modules on the market, sorry, but I cannot speed up process of updating.
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