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  2. Monday, 07 January 2013
So i set it up just like i had on my test server, except now it says
 JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths 

and no thumbnail images, the articles I am using show up with the images but the module with tab doesn't seem to work right.
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Can you please check your directory permissions?
is there a specific folder that needs to be 777?
the error can be fixed not sure what causes it but. i know after redoing my site and using the quickstart (had to patch joomla manually to current) i also updated the modules that came with it, and then i got the error again. the fix is this.

While installing any Joomla extensions, if you get an error like this,

JFolder::create: Path not in open_basedir paths
Unable to create destination

Then here is how you can solve it,

Goto this file: /libraries/joomla/filesystem/folder.php and edit it .

Find the following line

$obd = ini_get('open_basedir');

And then comment it out like this

//$obd = ini_get('open_basedir');
Did you solve it?
yes what i posted above is the fix for so it's solved. Just so you know for future reference for anyone else who has the issue, though I am unsure what causes this issue, I just know that's what fixes it.

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