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  2. Tuesday, 28 July 2020
When using Offcanvas, child menu items only appear when the parent's caret ">" is clicked. Clicking the parent title text does nothing.

This is not consistent or intuitive as, when using Megamenu mode, the sub menus appear on hover of level 1 menu items.

Can you offer a mod of offcanvas that will ensure clicking on parent menu item TEXT will cause the child items to appear.

I know that :

.offcanvas-menu .offcanvas-inner .sp-module ul > li ul {
display: block !important;

Can be used to display all offcanvas menu items to be shown but this is unsatisfactory on my site.

Hope you can help.

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I cannot change our mobile menu code. It works how it works now.
I hope that upcoming Helix Ultimate 2.0 update wil improve that.
By now you have two options:
1) Use mentioned custom code
2) Find and install different mobile menu

Sorry, I prefer to be honest
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Hi. Try this code:

body.ltr .offcanvas-menu .offcanvas-inner .sp-module ul > li.menu-parent > a > .menu-toggler, body.ltr .offcanvas-menu .offcanvas-inner .sp-module ul > li.menu-parent > .menu-separator > .menu-toggler {
width: 100%;
text-align: right;
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The code you offered worked perfectly! Thanks so much!!
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You are wellcome
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