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Gentlemen, when I try to share my content and pages on social networks, the images of the articles and pages do not appear. Either the Logo appears or they are blank.

I have already done several debugging on the debug page of facebook (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/) and even then the images do not appear.

So I did another test: I disabled my other extensions to see if there was a conflict and it still didn't work.

So I enabled everything again and then I put Joonla's default time as default and everything just worked. I realized then that the problem is this: if I put my images in the ABA Helix (Blog Options) the images appear for sharing .. only that I use the images in the standard Joomla ABA (Images and Links), and then it doesn't work.

Conclusion: I imagine it is a BUG, ​​since the images should appear in a normal way to be shared also in the standard Joomla field.

What happens, the sharers look for the information of the tags in the code of the site, and he understands that it does not exist, because the image information is not being inserted in the code because you are inserting the images through the Joomla tab.

should have a condition:
If there is no media in our tab (Helix), we will show the image in the Joomla goals. And that is not happening.

What is the solution to this problem?

Follow my website link: https://santowifi.com.br/
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I cannot change template code,
but if you use template based on Helix Ultimate there should be an option to disable the default OG (Template Options > Blog > ....search here)

Anyway, it was designed to be like that. Hard to say is it BUG or not.
You can install an additional OG plugin which will use the image(s) from the default Joomla Image tab.
For example, free: Phoca Open Graph Plugin.
So it should be a solution for you.
About Pages, each page has options and field where you can add/choose data used for FB.

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