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  2. Thursday, 21 September 2017

Currently our site is under development, locally on xampp and we have only three testimonials for showing.

Right after the macro template upgrade to the latest 1.9 version, testimonial pro addon swipe up for no apparently reason. Before the upgrade it is working as expected.

For your records we are using the latest available versions on our development site, e.g. Joomla 3.8.0, SP Page Builder 2.5.3 etc...

Also, if we choose manually the bottom icons for moving to the next testimonial, the next one always not appears because of the swipe up issue.

As obviously, the order of appearance is as follows, on page load : 1, 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, ....

If you have a clue, please help us...
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Hello Shibbir.

We believe it will be ready in 1 week & uploaded to our server. We will then return to you with the requested information...

Thank you.
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Hello there,

Without check the live website It's very difficult for us to tell you guys what's the problem it is. So I strongly suggest you upload your site to a demo server and then give me the admin access via pm to check the issue.

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Hello Shibbir.

We have sent you via pm the information you asked for.
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Hello Shibbir.

Everything seems to working now.

Please share with us what have you done to accomplish this?
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Hi there,

In the main.js file I have added following code:

// Slideshow disaper and conflict with motools
var carousel = jQuery('.carousel');
if (typeof jQuery != 'undefined' && typeof MooTools != 'undefined' ) {
slide: function(how, mode){
return this;

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Thanks shibbir for your help.:)
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