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  2. Sunday, 22 March 2020
I have used several templates. Both quick and "just" the template
what is the difference of eg. Helix Ultimate and Travus template
I have downloaded and installed both the quicktemplate of Travus - and the "simple" template of Travus on Joomla - and I cannot see the advantage of the template
I expect to get an empty template, but prepared like the quick - but

  • the font is different
  • the buttons are different (you have to change them with custom css)
    and - some the modules should be prepaired as well (bottom, submenues, submenues in modules
    all the colors should be the same as in the quick
Accepted Answer
Helix Ultimate (HU) vs Travus template

HU - is a raw template, like the basic model of the car. It's free for everyone, and it gets updates first.

Travus - is a commercial template based on HU, like decided car model
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Template in Joomla is always empty if you use Joomla longer than 2 weeks you should know that, no offense.

Quickstart contains: Joomla + Template + all used modules + all used components (for example SPPB) + DEMO content. It's recommended for beginners.

template.css from Travus and HU is different -- there are decided styles
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