1. Gavin Bates
  2. SP Page Builder 2.x (not supported version)
  3. Monday, 23 October 2017

Hi Paul, please can you let me know if I am doing something wrong - on most of my sites I cant seem to update pagebuilder, templates etc ...

I have added the license key etc ....

Whenever I try I get this error ...

Archive does not exist

Update path does not exist.


I can PM you site access if it will help if you can take a look.
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Hi Gavin,
yes please send me access to that site, I will check what I can do for you
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/public_html/tmp (Temp folder) is Unwritable

Please fix it, then UPDATE SPPB , then whole rest.
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Oh, OK thank you Paul,

I have the same problem on many sites - do I manually do this myself on my hosts control panel ?

Or do I contact them and ask them to change something ?

I am curious as to why this has happened - and why all of my sites seem to be set the same ...

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Hard to say why, because /tmp folder is inside any QuickStart package.
Yes, hosting support may help.

/tmp - 755 (in most cases) - screenshot. let me know about progress
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