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  2. Saturday, 21 May 2016
I'm using Appico in a very simple website, but I can't figure out why is it too slow.. using Google PageSpeed Insights it says: 58/100 Speed

There's Javascript and CSS blocking my site, but if I try to show another site in the same domain it shows quickly so I guess hosting is not the problem.

Can you take a look at it? http://www.dialisi-sicilia.it/

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1) Applico was based on Helix II not Helix 3.
2) Applico was build few years ago, it's very old template.
3) You can always use a plugin which will compress JS or CSS files as well and other optimization features, yes it will help.

If I may suggest something, use Helix3 template and build similar template. thanks.
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Well dame problem with this other site built with Corporex template:

Are both based on Helixii? if I only change template it will change Joomla's framework also to Helix3? how does it work, do I have to choose a template based on Helix3 only?

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Please read our tips from here: https://www.joomshaper.com/blog/how-to-speed-up-joomla-3-3-3-4-and-template
also PHP 7 may help.
Optimization for Google always takes times.
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