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  2. Thursday, 18 July 2019
Hi, I've installed the Shopin template to an already existing website, where I want to add a shop with J2Store component and only apply the Shopin template to the Shop pages. I've installed the template file (not quickstart) so as not to over-ride existing site settings, I've made my new menu item in the main menu for the Shop and have assigned the Shopin Template to it. My question is, in the Templates download area for Shopin, there's 3 choices - the Quickstart package, the Template and the Template Basic Settings (which is unzip first.) When unzipped, it's contains a json file. What is this file for, how is it installed please. I've looked through the Documentation, FAQ's and haven't found any info on it.
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Go to template Shopin > Advanced > Export/Import Template Settings > Import field
(and there put whole code from json file > import buttom)

It contains only very basic template settings (for example used font, layout) !
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