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  2. Monday, 14 April 2014
Hello JoomShapers,

My idea is about making a new template for Science Clubs. I've seen many amazing science clubs and similar social projects and activities but their websites are not attractive. As you know, the look of the website gives a first impression of the club.

Lets now think of a science club, a robot club for example!

The club basically needs normal pages that includes:

@ About Us <= you might think of a good way that represents the content including a description of the project, and maybe the people managing the club.

@ Programs (or Courses or Activities) <= we should take care of this part because it is all what the website is about! We want to highlight the work of this club or social project. Assume a club has programs for beginners, medium, and advance levels, or programs for elementary school, intermediate, and high-school. You might also think of putting (a picture for each program, title of the program, and a brief description). You can also include some fields representing the age of participant and the program for boys, girls, or both.

@ News Section <= using Joomla articles function or blog.

@ Participation or projects <= to be considered, the participation or project section includes the work that the club has done somewhere else; for example, if this is a robot club, then we can think of the club participating in a show or in a competition, etc.

@ Gallery <= includes photos and videos.

@ Contact Us

And most importantly, the << FRONT PAGE >> must be the most amazing part of the website. Most science clubs are for children and young people; lets say that the theme should attract the people of age range (6 to 18). The main page can represent recent news, and the programs (in such a way that does not take a space as the page specified for the programs). And it is important to include a part for (How to Join the Club!).

This is what is in my mind for now. I can give more ideas or examples of you decide to implement the template! :)

Thank you,

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Will you please show us some example?
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  2. Wish a new template!
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It is really difficult to find an example of a fantastic science club template. (This is why we need to make one :) ). However, I found these two websites really organized:


I Hope that you find them somehow useful. I might show more examples later this week.

Thank you,
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  2. Wish a new template!
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For this, you can use any of our recent business template.
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  2. Wish a new template!
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