1. Lisa Willaman
  2. Helix Ultimate
  3. Wednesday, 18 December 2019
Hello! I'm using Helix Ultimate to create a template. I started with the Helix template style shaper_helixultimate.

When editing on that template using Helix Ultimate "Template Options", the right side view does not match or show any edit's I've made in Basic-Contact Info.

I've attached two files.
One shows the view from the template editor. (helix Ult template editing.png)
The second shows the actual page with the correct "contact info" (actual layout (correct header info).png)

Is this normal behavior?
Lisa W.
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show me the Layout Manager tab, with the module position structure.
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Is this what you need to see?
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1) Sorry but I don't understand why you used "none" positions in the header, it doesn't make sense.
And may generate only responsive problems.

2) I think easier for you would be just Disable Contact from Helix.
Add a new Custom module, put there all contact information which you need etc.
Then publish in module position.
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