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  3. Sunday, 24 January 2016
Hi all,
i modified the template.css file in #onepage template, by changind the header width with menu classes to 90px.
the issue is that any time i select a new logo from the template administration panel.. the css go back to the origin, when i check the file template.css all modification have been gone out.
very strange for me.
please could you help ?
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Hello joubas, never ever make any modifications to the default/original files. Your reset is most likely a result of the the activated LESS compiler. Which is a HELIX3 framework feature.

For customization you might edit LESS files... or even better:

A.) External file custom.css.
All changes will be kept on updates!

B.) For quick and minor changes you can also add customizations in your template style settings.
Headsup: Changes do apply to that template style only!
Template Style -> Custom Code tab -> Custom CSS
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Thank you so much,
Perfect solution,
Regards !
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