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  2. Tuesday, 18 October 2016
I've installed the quickstart of the Newedge template, also I've change the content and create some tags.
In the site, I use a module to put my tags, but when I clic on them, sends me an 500 error.

I recently update to Joomla! 3.63

Can you help me please.
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please check if you have this same error also on default Joomla template and Helix3 template....
it will help us solve the problem if is related with our product not Joomla itself, thanks.
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2nd, please check if you have installed the latest version of template, if not please update. Just re-install only template package.

3th, If error is still active (after test 1 and 2), please delete those folders
from newedge template folder.

Note! If you have error 500 also on Joomla core template like Protostar or Beez it means this is Joomla issue.
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