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  2. Thursday, 25 June 2015

I have an estrange behavior with the submenus, but only in my 'quick pack joomla' and in my "only template" joomla. In your demo joomla http://demo.joomshaper.com/?template=extreme# it works correctly.

When trying to reach a submenu the main menu over gets open (see images attached)
http://upthree.eurside.com/index.php I can not open, for example, 'Explores>Styles' because 'Bonus pages' gets over.

I have seen same issue in other forum but not a working solution (i tried z-index modification).

Help please. Thanks again.
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What happens if you disable Smart slider?
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Nothing change disabling Smart slider (let look)
As soon as I pass over the main menu 'Bonus pages' i can not reach anymore the submenu 'Explores>Styles'. Let me explain:
1) Reload the home page
2) Click on menu 'Explores', ok
3) I can go to submenu 'Explores>Styles' without problem.
4) Then I pass over menu 'Bonus pages', ok.
5) Now the submenu 'Explores>Styles' is unreachable, because when I pass under 'Bonus pages' the main menu 'Bonus pages' deploys itself.
Then, if i click on menu 'Explores', and 'Explores' gets active, then I can reach the submenu 'Explores>Styles' again.
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I have detected another thing.
In the demo (that works correctly) the submenus drawn in when the mouse gets away, but in my template installations the submenus only get hidden.
Perhaps a missing plugin?
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Hi Tomas,

We referred this child menu items issue to our internal team to have a look at it for you. Please bear with us while they are investigating it.


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