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  3. Monday, 05 March 2018
Hi ,

I face a strange problem with pagebuilder and helix

I created this one page site


And everything works fine in firefox and chrome.

However the first block on the first row is strange. In chrome you see text on the back of the flip effect tile.

But in IE (11) I see the word Attract lik in a mirror and not the text. The rest works fine.

In safari the blocks are not next to eachoter but below.

What could this be?
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we do not support Safari for Windows, nobody does. It's old software.
About IE11 and first addons from left side indeed weird.
You can made a test , clone 2nd addon and put as a first. Check.
You have to focus on Edge as well. IE is dying.
Remember to use SP Page Builder 3.1.2 - all older versions have limited support and contain issues.

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