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Hi guys,

Is it possible to have a sticky navbar (with logo/search and what have you not) in Helix 2 templates with just css, like you have done in the magazine template.

With generated json file as the result of the layout manager i can't find a way to get this done in a neat way. The only way i can come up with is to add some divs in index.php, but then i am defeating the purpose of the layout manager and run into problems with additional modules in the header.

Hopefully you can give me some suggestions to make a sticky navbar with just css. Thanks in advance!
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You need some javascript code for a extra class. We used it on Maxima template. Just download and extract maxima template on your local pc. Open templates\shaper_maxima\js folder -> you can see fixed-menu.js file. copy and paste it on same directory. Call the js file from index.php file. Follow maxima template.

Now collect the css from menu.less file, at the bottom you can see css code for fixed menu. Let me know for further assistance.

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Hi there,

I just tried this exactly as you said but it doesn't seem to work. I followed your instructions. Copied the fixed-menu.js to the template/js folder. Found the line in the maxima template to link to the js ->addJS('fixed-menu.js') //fixed menu and added it to the index.php

Then copied the css from the menu.css in maxima and pasted it to the template
//fixed menu
position: fixed;
width: 100%;
z-index: 9999;
box-shadow:0 0px 6px rgba(0,0,0,.3);
background-image: none;
background: none !important;
.animation(~'fadeInDown 900ms');

Nothing has changed though, it all remains the same. I'm using a theme called Imagic which was from Themeforest but based on the helix framework

Cleared my cache as well in case that had an effect but no joy :(
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Thanks Ehsan.

I was hoping that somehow the bootstrap class navbar-fixed could be used in combination with the layout manager and that i just didn't see it, but javascript it is then!
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