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this is a sale/compability question.

Im on 2.5 with helix1 and shaper spectra 1.1.0.
As i understand now this is not compatible with joomla 3x. I have done some research and theres a 1.3.0 version out there.

1.1.0 is not j3.x compatible and 1.3.0 is?
my subscription is due. Do i need to pay again go get the 1.3.0? Its actually not a problem if so. I cant recall if the template had 3.x compability advertised when we bought it.

Let me know if 1.3 will fix compability issue and if i need to pay.
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Hi, Now spectra template are available for joomla 2.5x and Joomla 3.x version.

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Ok. So i just pay, download the new version and switch in templatemanager? Or does the installationprocess overwright the old one?
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You have to do the installationprocess for overwright the old one.
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can you please instruct me how to update the spectra template?
I want to update joomla from 2.5 up to 3.3.6.
My old spectra template version doesn't work with J 3.3.6
So i downloaded the newer one from joomshaper: "Template Only Joomla 2.5 & 3.2".
But when i'm trying to update the template in the backend, i get the error message "installation directory already exists".
So i can't finish the install process via backend.

I have already updated the "Helix System Plugin J2.5 and 3.2" via backend without problems.
What's the file "Template Source" for?

Can you help?

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