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  2. Thursday, 13 July 2017
I notice when using this with Virtuemart, the "Ordering" doesn't seem to work. It just shuffles/randomises the products every time. Sort by Title works, but I want to have most popular products first.

Any way of getting them sorted by the order set in admin?
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What is the relation between SP Tab with VirtueMart Tab? Please clarify.

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Well it uses Virtuemart products to display in a module position. It actually looks quite different to your sp tabs demo, however I guess it's based more on the one you've got on this template: http://demo.joomshaper.com/2014/istore-ii/
So perhaps my version is unique to this template. But the products are only showing in a randomised order. In fact it's the same on your istore-ii, different order everytime I refresh.
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Hi, Thanks for your reply. We will release a new version as soon as possible. Besides, in the mean time i will let you know about your issue. Because of that, i can't find the problem from my end. Thanks
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