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  2. Saturday, 29 August 2020
I upgraded the Sp Simple Portfolio to the latest version so I could use Sp Page builder to create the portfolio.
I have the module built into a sp page builder page, problem is the new version seems to require a new menu item in order for the links to open.
For example I have a menu page called portfolio that opens the sp page builder page called portfolio, but when they click on a an item it takes them to a component page, so I had to create a new 'hidden' menu called 'portfolio hidden' so that the item opens correctly.

Now the issue is this completely changes the url structure and is devastating for seo as I have lost all of the old urls and the new ones are awful!

Example -
Old url - *** to cover names -


How do I fix that ???
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Hi there,

Thanks for contacting us. Will you please check the Simple Portfolio options? There has a new function to URL rewrite.

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Any idea how to change this area called:


where i can change this text?

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