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  2. Thursday, 01 August 2019

I am building an internal site at the moment utilizing the SP Simple Portfolio.

I have created 4 items for each of 5 tags - so totaling 20 items.

I only ever want to see a maximum of 4 items in any filter in the module, including the 'Show All' filter.

In the module settings I select 4 items per page, but then only 1 of my 5 tags appears as a filter because the others are outside the range and therefore not displayed in the 'Show All' filter page.

How can I fix this? Alternately being able to remove the 'Show All' page completely would work. I want the page to ideally load with a filter already in place.

Thanks! Bryn
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Thanks for your query. I've just checked that in my end and all is working fine here. Please check this screencast https://files.fm/u/bbhdxf4z

-Best Regards
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Thanks Sifat, but the problem is shown in your screencast.

You select 2 items per page, and now there is only a total of 2 available items. The tab 'Outdoor' has disappeared, and home and office only show 1 item each when it should show 2 on each page.

What I need is:
Select a maximum amount of items to show on each filter. So for your example I would expect to see a maximum of 2 items in each filter. Items should not be excluded just because they don't fit on the Show All view,
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My ideal solution would actually be to disable the 'Show All' filter and default to one of the other filters, eg. 'Home' in your example. My core issue is that the size of the portfolio when all are shown is breaking my layout.
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Thanks for your reply. Actually when you enable the pagination then only the related tags from the shown items are there as tags. That's how the extension is designed to work. So for your situation i think the view without the pagination is only the solution.

-Best Regards
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