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  3. Thursday, 24 October 2019
Dear friends,

I am using Gazette template.

When I use the SP Search box located in my "menu-right" position, the results show inside the "main" container/column, and the aside column on the "right" position is preserved.
This is the desired result :-)

However, any subsequent searches done in the search box located in the "main" column disables the "right" column.
I don't want this to happen because I want to keep some ads and modules on the right visible.

How can I ensure the "right" column remains visible aside all search results on the left?

I attach screen grabs for your perusal.

Basically, after the 2nd results, the main window switches from "col-8" to "col-12", taking all the width available :-(

Can you please help me?

previous to 1st search on the menu-right box.PNG
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Hi there,

Thanks for your query. Please share your site URL to check the issue.

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