1. SP Quick Contact (Module, not addon)
  2. Tuesday, 04 December 2018

I usually translate the language file, then I reinstall module and everything is translated. However on SP Quick Contact I got everything translated except the button. Have actually no idea where I can change the text "Submit Now" to language I need as it seems it is not a part of the language file.

Thanks for help.

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Hi Paul, thanks for your tips, I checked my files regarding your instructions but the phrase was there and correct.

Anyway, I finally found what was wrong - there wasn't any mistake or mistype in language file or module.

Problem came from default.php file located in /html/mod_sp_quickcontact in the root of template structure (jl_kickoff_pro). There was just simple text expression for the button instead of variable. So that's the reason why everything else were translated well except the button. So I had to translate it manually in that default.php file from:

<div class="uk-width-1-1">
<div class="sp_qc_clr"></div>
<button class="button border animated middle-fill" type="submit"><span>Submit Now</span></button>
<div class="sp_qc_clr"></div>


<div class="uk-width-1-1">
<div class="sp_qc_clr"></div>
<button class="button border animated middle-fill" type="submit"><span>Odeslat</span></button>
<div class="sp_qc_clr"></div>

I am very sorry, as this post belongs more to JoomLead support forum, but I didn't know that until I figured out where the problem was.

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Are 100% sure that we talk about SP Quick Contact module, not Contact addon from SP Page Builder ?

SP Quick Contact module - use phrase:

SEND_MESSAGE="Send Message"

In Contact addon from SP Page Builder - we used phrase:


but it can be changed also from addon settings.
Yes, this is common mistake made by some template developers.
I am glad that you found it.

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