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  2. Wednesday, 06 November 2019
Dear friends,

The SP Polls are not working correctly in my Gazette-based site.

First of all, the Results butto doesn't work. It doesn't show any results.

Second, when someone clicks on the Submit button, the whole module is replaced by the Home Page (or default page)!
This is absolutely absurd.

I need people to check the poll results, even if they have voted before.

Also the word "Votes" cannot be translated or overridden.

Can someone please help me? I can send you my credentials.
I don't think I have any conflicting javascript.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your query. Already I have replied to your other forum post how have to change the votes text.


Note: There are no options to redirect another page of the voting result.

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I have already translated the word "Votes". Thanks.

But the problem remains. When a user clicks for the 2nd time in the Submit button, the whole page is loaded inside the module.

Basically, the SP Poll module becomes like an iframe, loading a whole page inside!

This is a serious bug in the Gazette template. I am amazed no one reported this earlier.
If I don't sort this out this soon then will I disable this module and install another poll extension without this bug!
My customer won't accept this error, sorry.
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Hi there,

I did same thing my end, but no problem found.


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