1. Simon Ward
  2. Travelia
  3. Wednesday, 11 March 2020
I recently installed this template, however, the version of SP Page Builder Pro supplied with the template is not the current version.

It doesn't want to update to the current version. Are updates to this component not included in the 'Personal Best Choice for Individuals' under the 3 Months Support & Updates.
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Thanks for access, today I was able to login & update.

Now you have SPPB Pro 3.6.8 -- this version is maybe not the current one 3.7, but should work correctly with your template.
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indeed your subscription doesn't have an update possibility.
But I can make a single free update for you to version 3.6.8,
if it's OK for you please click my avatar to see Private Message button,
I need Super User + URL of website
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