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  3. Tuesday, 04 August 2020
I have upgraded to 3.7.4 from 3.6.5 I believe. After the upgrade I can't practically edit anything in the existing pages. Pages are basically crashing on adding any element. I am getting this error. Please look at the attachment.
Please advice.
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Same issue here.
If I want to leave the editor (frontend or backend) Safari asks me if I really want to close the page. If I do so, it downloads a index.php file with 503 Service Unavailable and nothing changed
Everything is running fine but not the editing stuff.

I installed the downloaded the *.zip file and installed it because Joomla didn't show any update.

I can add addons but if I hit save nothing happens, except it shows the page as "locked"

I was on 3.9.11 Joomla. An Update was not shown. Installed newest Joomla manual und voila everything is working again.
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Not the same issue. I had a jquery conflict. Interesting it was with Helix template. Didn't bother to check which exactly js caused the problem but overwriting all of them fixed the problem.
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