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  2. Friday, 17 December 2010
I recently loaded this in a test site and was having fun playing with the settings using Chrome. Then I tested it in Firefox and it also worked great.

When I went to show it to a fellow manager it didn't work when she pulled it up in IE. I tried it again at my desk in IE and same thing. It pulls the first heading from the category and stays. Even a refresh of the screen doesn't change the article, only the first on listed in the category.

I have it displaying in the header bar horizontally with a switch at the default 5000ms, no arrows, show only frontpage articles at no, and no date display

Am I missing a setting?
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Its working with almost all browsers (IE7,IE8,Chrome,Opera and obviously FF). There must be some configuration problem with you. Or may be some other js conflict.
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found it, i am also using SW Pro for menus. When it is on, te Newshighliter doesn't scroll in IE (but it does in chrome and firefox.) Once I turned off the menus, it began to scroll.
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I also have a problem viewing my ticker in IE:

Here is what i posted in the forum a couple of weeks ago:

I've had this problem with your extension before.

I use Rockettheme sometimes, and it just so happens that I have used your ticker in two sites. I had a programmer for the first project and all worked out fine.


but the second project is not going so well with your ticker in IE.

I think there was a problem with mootools or so in the first one, but my programmer fixed it. I have know idea what he did to get it to work in IE. I have tried all combinations and understand the parameters well.

Is there any idea of why this is happening? Try the ip address in both firefox and IE to get the negative results I am seeing.

Thanks for all your help in advance,
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Hi. I'm having the same problem with IE. No matter what animation I use, it doesn't work on IE while it works ok on Firefox and Chrome. Can someone suggest what kind of conflict there could be?
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