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  2. Friday, 04 May 2018
Hey there,

SP Medical Module does not display correctly on the Home-Page of my site.


It does work on sub-sites like this:


Extra Question: Is it possible to add a category like "Departments" or add some subcategories?

Best regards
Accepted Answer
Thanks for your query. Please follow the following step:
1) Add this line in the given location /modules/mod_spmedical_services/mod_spmedical_services.php

$doc->addStylesheet( JURI::root(true) . '/components/com_spmedical/assets/css/spmedical.css' );

Would you please elaborate your query a bit? Where you want to add some categories?

-Best Regards
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The code worked, thank you!

I was thinking about categories and subcats in SP Medical. For the departments for example. Dapartment category would be surgery and then "heart surgery" as a subcategory.
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You are most welcome.
Thanks for your suggestion. This feature isn't available now but don't worry i'm adding this into our feature requests.

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