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  3. Tuesday, 08 August 2017

I am trying to show the 3 different categories of events ...

When I use the menu item option I get the following


see also screenshot (screen9.jpg)

I would really like to add some extra information to the page and have tried making a module of this so that it can be added to page builder ...

I would like all events listed in one column and then the category section to the right


see also screenshot (screen10.jpg)

Is it possible to have a module of the event categories similar to the menu page with photographs

at the moment - it just lists the categories as text ...
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Hi, Sorry to say that, custom development services not allowed. Thanks
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OK Thanks, can the drawing pin icon be removed from the article blog ?

see screenshot ...
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Please following the instruction.

Extension > Templates > Open your template > blog tab > http://prntscr.com/g68twt

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