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  2. Friday, 01 March 2019
Hi everybody,

I have an issue with SP Easy Image Gallery. The album is displayed. But the thing is that when I click on the picture, it just turns opened in the same window, but is not shown as a popup image. How can it be solved?
I've googled a lot on this issue. Thought it was a script conflict and installed JQuery Easy plugin, but id didn't help. Then I tried Simple Image Gallery (by JoomlaWorks) plugin - it works fine and opens images in popup mode. But I really need the SP Easy Image Gallery...
Any ideas?

The example screenshots are attached.

Thank you in advance.
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Thanks for your query. Would you please check if there is any compression plugin enabled or not like jch_optimize. You can also disable the javascript compression from your template also please disable any third party cookie plugin if installed.
Let me know your test result.

-Best Regards
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