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  3. Friday, 23 September 2011
I have installed SP Comments on a Joomla 1.7 site.
I have linked it to a Disqus subdomain.
And I have enabled it.

SP Comments does not show up anywhere. How do I embed SP Comments within an article, or associate it to an article, or otherwise use the plug-in?
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Kawshar Ahmed
Senior Staff
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Install the plugin. Activate the plugin and select categories from the list. Most important that you must need to specify the relevant id (Disquss, IntenseDebate or Facebook).

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Thanks. I had not selected categories.

One other question. I collect a number of articles into a Category Blog. Comments do not appear for the articles in the Category Blog. Is there some way I can enable comments for these articles?
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I´m having this same problem with a J1.7 install.
I installed, activated and configured the SP Comments Plugin (All cats, Facebook, App_ID) and nothing happens.
I´m kind of new. Is there something else I´m missing?

Thanks for your help!
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