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  2. Saturday, 22 August 2020
Booking is not working in several ways

Many of the pages my entire header is replaced with "Find Your Destination"
On destination page no search is showing up,
On many pages the top of the page is behind my menu and in the header
Whenever I perform an internal action (book a trip form, adjust criteria on transport page) the template switches and goes to my default template.
Accommodations module in mega menu does not respect the config. I have it set to 3 columns, show 6, it has four columns
Search module in mega menu tabs do not change.
Testimonials do not scroll, they are all showing at the same time. There is no place for text on the backend, only rating, person, and picture.
There is a header on your demo site for almost all pages where the text is animated and changes.... is that supposed to be apart of the component?
Clicking a destination from the module in the mega menu doesn't take me to that page.
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Also 404 error when trying to view packages

View not found [name, type, prefix]: default, html, spbookingView

Please be aware that you must be logged into my site to see anything, you can find the credentials in my PMs
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Same 404 when trying to view a place
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Created a tour,
Went to Paypal
Nothing shows on the site stating that it is paid, and now in the admn area, the paid for product isn't tallied in the Earnings module. Still says $0

When viewing an unpaid invoice, there's no way to pay it.
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Search module tabs do not change in PageBuilder
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